Template Products of CUSTOM DJ NAME JINGLES

Easy to order without the hassle of having to deal with! We will create a template jingle with a DJ name of your choice.

From order to delivery

We explain the process from order to delivery.

1,Choose the product of your choice. Please order from the order form.

2,We will make a prototype.

3,We will inform you of the completed prototype by e-mail.

4,If you like it, please contact us to buy it!

5,Please pay the fee by Paypal.

6,After confirming payment, we will deliver by e-mail (wav and mp3)

7,Once payment is made, no refunds or returns can be made.

DJ Jingle 339 [Item No. TAPI-JG-0339]

Payment will be made only if you are satisfied with the prototype.

Order Form


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